Tricky Interview Questions


Interviews are not always simple, fast and fun. They can be stressful, especially when the interviewer asks tricky questions that make you feel uncomfortable.

The best way to address these is to prepare for these in advance. So that you don't look like a nervous wreck, start sweating and stutter in your answer.

Below are some of the common questions you should prepare for.

1. Did you get fired from your last job?
This may be the case, you actually did get fired. But, you are not always to blame, and you need to explain this. Here is what we suggest.

Start by saying, "Yes, I was", and the reason was X. But I reflect back on it and I realize I did make a mistake and have learned how to handle such issues.

For example: if you got fired for yelling at a customer. Your response should be as follows. I was fired due to an issue with a customer. The customer was angry because of the following issues. After trying to resolve the situation, I got a bit heated and yelled back at them.

I've reflected on that situation several times and learned how to handle this. I would have looked internally to see if we can avoid this issue to begin with. Next, if it did get into a yelling issue, I would invite my manager to help resolve the issue along with me as they have a higher authority to make certain decisions.

2. Tell me a time you had to work with a difficult team member. How did you handle the issue?

It's time to mention someone who you crossed paths with and not in a good way. Tell them what happened and how you learned to resolve it.

For example, I often had issues with the head of sales. They would constantly send us issues that were not support related. This would frustrate my team and the end customer.

To resolve this, I asked the head of sales to join me for lunch to discuss the issues that we are facing. Also, I wanted to empathize with him and learn why they send the issues to us. By understanding his perspective, I can learn why this issue takes place.

What I discovered was that his team is understaffed to handle certain issues and because of this they set common issues to us. Once I discovered this, I created an online help page for customers. This addressed many of the typical questions and we trained the sales staff to send customers to this page for help first.

3. What did you dislike about your past job?
Never say anything negative about your past employer. You don't want to be that person that bad-mouth's their employer. Instead, suggest improvements that are good for the employer

For example, I don't have anything negative to say. I enjoyed my time there. If I did have to reflect on particular issues, I would say the company should focus a bit more on improving customer support, as our ratings were low. 

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