Top 5 Interview Questions


The purpose of the interview is for your potential employer to learn more about you and also time for you to learn more about them.


1. Tell me about yourself.
The employer wants to know briefly about your work history and personal life. It's not time to go into a 15-minute chat. This should be less than 3 minutes.

Focus on your last 3 roles, your role there, and what you accomplished. You can also discuss 1 item about your personal life (show them you have a personality).

Ex: for the last 4 years, I've been leading customer support teams. At my previous employers, I had teams up to 20 reps and we handled over 100 support inquiries per hour. I really enjoy helping people, in my personal life, I coach mothers on handling teenagers.

2. Why should we hire you?
This is a great question and gives you permission to boast. Don't be shy or modest, you have a Green light to talk about yourself.

Tell them why you are great, what you've done for past employers and what you can do for them. Also, talk about your achievements, awards and large impact on previous companies.

Your employer is looking for someone who can help them grow and make them money, so show them how... sell them.

3. How do you handle pressure situations?
Some jobs may require high-touch with customers, you may have to deal with various levels of company hierarchy, deal with difficult team members, so your employer wants to know how you handle this.

The best way to handle this question is to bring up an example of something that happened in the past. Tell them what the issue was, the problem it caused, how you were involved and how you handled it.

They may ask you additional questions to probe into the issue. Be prepared to answer these.

4. Why are you leaving your past employer?
This is a tricky question. You may have left on good terms, or bad. Regardless, you should never speak negatively about your previous employer.

State the facts as to what happened and why you are leaving. It's also a good time to state how you've heard great things about the employee culture at this company and it was exciting for you.

5. Why did you apply for this job?
This question has many parts. They want to know what attracted you to their company and this specific role. They also want to know how much you like the role (they don't want you leaving a few months after getting hired).

You can learn a lot about the company by looking at their corporate website's mission page or about us page. Also, check out their recent twitter posts, LinkedIn posts, and press releases. You can also go to and search for "company name" + news. This will bring up recent events about the company.

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